‘Murder Hornets’ Destroyed This Beekeeper’s Entire Colony

2021 22 فوریه
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They were a terrifying feature of the year 2020 that we just did not need. Ted McFall is featured in a new documentary on discovery+ that follows the people trying to eradicate the Giant Asian Hornet, also known as the murder hornet, from the United States. He’s a beekeeper in Washington State and had his entire colony wiped out overnight by the hornets. Before the incident, he says he never even heard of this predator. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

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  • Found one of these in my home in dubai my mom slapped it with a slipper LUL

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  • I thought these were around too short last year...guess they just took a break

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  • “I guess I should buy a lottery ticket or something” People watching this: goes and buys a lottery ticket and loses like usually Him: goes and buys one and actually wins

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  • Armageddon has begun

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  • They should ship in asian honey bees they have adapted to fight them

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  • Bro I swear when summer come and I see one of those imma go jump cause I ain’t taking any chances with that thing

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  • They should make a movie about it

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  • I wonder what would happen if he had japanese bees..hmmm

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  • Watch the Discovery+ special on Murder Hornets. I was very sad they killed his honeybees. I was glad they found and killed the killer hornet nest. However, the beekeeper here was such a jerk it was hard to feel compassion for him.

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  • I feel like this is all planned nothing makes sense anymore.

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  • Cover them in chocolate and they'll become the latest food craze.

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  • Just send out some guys to bomb some forest or a forest with poison

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  • Is this a war of the apes but Bees and hornets version?

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  • Bees:maybe I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore

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  • Lol he just called Asia “hell” 😂😂 true that, they gave us the Coronavirus and murder hornets.

    • Asia also produced Hong Kong Flu and SARs as well.

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  • Hmm switch these honey bees with Japanese honeybees those can fight off those hornets

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  • Wasn't it called Japanese Hornet?

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  • Remember that one video when the bees gathered up to kill one hornet with the use of heat? *Exactly*

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  • I forgot about these hornets

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  • I literally shivered when I saw the first close up of the murder hornets. 😰

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  • If we ever get 1 report of murder hornets where I live I am going to be inside my house more than I am with corona, just gives me the hebee jeebeeze

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  • Beekeeper: Exists. Murder Hornets: I am going to ruin this man's whole career.

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  • The nest was about 5 minutes from my house

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  • I got swarmed by bees once. In a twisted way, this is sweet, sweet revenge

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  • Imagine the crazy Mad scientists adding some mixed DNA with this hornet... and a monster is created 😳😬😫😖😳

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  • i feel bad for that man

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  • It completely baffles me when "beekeepers" itemize their hives. Bruh, you don't have any clue if there were 20,000-40,000-60,000- or 90,000 bees in your hive. Quit being dramatic. They killed 1 of your hives. Big deal! Yellow jackets (native pest here) invaded dozens of my hives. Quit feeding the media more fuel for their paranoia craze.

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  • Why he didn’t call the cops?

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  • Hornet: git gud

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  • That's literally what these hornets do to survive. That's their modus operandi.

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  • Thats scary that hunky bees head were ripped off by murder hornets

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  • Aren't they detectable by infrared?

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  • I really wish the honey bees had some form of protection and effective self-deffense against these murderous freaks.

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  • This is why I don’t go outside even though I live in the uk I have a phobia of bees and wasps

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  • Guys, they're called Giant Hornets not Murder Hornets

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  • So this is old news guys and gals This whole video is completely about promoting the documentary And to my knowledge as someone who lives an 1.5 hrs away from this whole ordeal no bee keepers lost there hives to murder hornets Just so you know it was big news here and nobody came forward with any hives being destroyed

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  • I used to fear Bees. Hornets make them look like saints

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  • Murder hornets have been in the u.s for a bit now but now they have started to spread so they started talking about it now🙄

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  • Easy solution Just brin in japanese honey bees to fight back

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  • Basically we need genocide but on these creatures

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  • Every Life is valuable, except for the big hornets. Pathetic.

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